Uhlik Repeater Live Traps

The #1 live repeating traps for small to large sized rodents.  If you are looking for the most effective and humane method to solve your pest problem, then the Uhlik Repeater Trap is the solution you are looking for.

Pest Problem? Find Out How You Can Safely and Humanely Eliminate Your Rat, Raccoon and Feral Cat Infestation Today!


Rats and other rodents can cause significant damage to your home and equipment as well as potentially contaminate your food or the food or your pets – leading to the spread of disease.

When rats invade your property and start to settle in, they leave a scent trail – letting other rodents know that it is a safe place to call their new home.  It’s important to get ahead of the problem before infestation occurs.

feral cats

Feral cat populations can carry infectious diseases such as toxoplasmosis or cat scratch fever, both of which can affect humans.  Toxoplasmosis is a parasite that has been linked to causing deafness, seizures, schizophrenia and other diseases.

Feral cats can also sometimes prey on endangered species of birds and other mammals, causing serious ecological issues.

Raccoons can be a nuisance by tipping over your trash cans, destroying your garden or crops and damaging your home’s insulation, wood, shingles, wall or electrical wiring.

Raccoons are also a major carrier of rabies, raccoon roundworm or another disease.



Introducing the Uhlik Repeater Live Traps

Did You Know.....

“The price range for full service rodent extermination, including traps, bait, clean-up and sealing entry points can cost between $200 and $600.  For larger infestations, the cost could potentially balloon up to $1200!”  – The Home Advisor

“Rodents cause millions of dollars in damages to field crops, stored grain and farm equipment each year. In addition, they are the major carrier for more than 60 diseases that are transmissible to humans, companion animals, and livestock.”  – Farm Progress

“Rat infestations can be a source of financial ruin.  In the United States, rats cause between $500 million to a $1 billion in damages to homes each year.”  – Pest Control Products

Scientists estimate that between 60 and 160 million feral cats roam the United States.  Feral, free-roaming cats have been documented by dozens of studies to be indiscriminate killers of wildlife and the cause of at least 63 species extinctions, according to a 2016 analysis of invasive species impacts. – NOLA.com

Raccoons are one of the major hosts of rabies in the U.S. They are especially a threat in areas where their populations are growing like the eastern part of the country. They are also known to raid garages and garbage cans left by the street in search of food. Damage to roofs and chimneys can be caused by raccoons searching for a place to build their den. – Pest World


Product typically ships between 1-5 business days.

The Uhlik Repeater Trap is ideal for rats, squirrels, ground squirrels and other similar sized rodents.  Please note that this trap will not catch mice as they do not weight enough to trigger the trap door.

The Rat Trap unit weighs 35 lbs and the dimensions are 32 inches x 16 inches x 22 inches.

The Cat Trap unit weighs 40 lbs and the dimensions are 30 inches x 20 inches x 30 inches.

The Raccoon Trap unit weighs 70 lbs and the dimensions are 36 inches x 26 inches x 48 inches.

Some minor assembly required; drill with 5/16” hex bit is needed; assembly takes about 10 minutes.

*Please refer to specific product pages for assembly instructional videos.

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