Uhlik Repeater Live Trap – Cats

$275.00 USD

The Uhlik Repeater Live Trap is a re-usable galvanized metal trap that is an effective way to catch and release in a humane and friendly manner. This trap is designed to capture via a trap door that is triggered by a bait tray.  Capacity of the Cat Trap is between 3-5 cats.  A convenient transfer cage (sold separately) is used for removing from the holding cage.  This trap is cut and built in the U.S.A.

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  • Trap door keeps them in, but doesn’t let them out
  • Patented Multi-Catch latch mechanism – catches more than one rodent at a time
  • Live trap – you get to choose how and where to dispose of the animals
  • Cut and built in the United States
  • Hopper for the bait (bait not included)
  • Stopper rod keeps the trap door from falling and provides a way to entice the animals with bait for several days before pulling the stopper rod to allow the trap door to fall
  • Trap door resets to repeat the trap
  • Bait tray releases the lever to drop the animal into the cage

Assembly Instructions:

Weight 45 lbs
Dimensions 31 × 20 × 31 in


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